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Total Population (1995) 98,542
Total Number of Households (1995) 24,210
Average Household Size (1995) 4.7 persons
Total Population Density (1995) 385.86 persons/sq. km.
Urban Population (1995) 58,049 or 58.96%
Rural Population (1995) 40,443 or 41.04%
Total Population (2000)


Male Population (2000) 55,269
Female Population (2000) 54,525
Population Growth Rate 2.2


        There are 70 mother tongues in Santiago City.  Majority of the population speaks Ilocano, Tagalog and Ibanag.  Both English and Filipino languages are used as medium of instruction in the different schools and institutions.


       Roman Catholic is the dominant religion in the city.  Other major religions are Iglesia ni Cristo, Methodist and Iglesia Filipina Independiente.  There are also several sects founded.

Literacy Rate

       Santiago City has a high literacy rate of 94.32%. As per 1995 census, the total household population of 5 years old and over (85,555), only 5.67% had no grade completed and 0.33% not stated.